halal print


Halal Print is a web design, graphic design and full service printing company which started in Houston, TX, USA. We have over 14+ years experience in the printing industry, over 22+ years in the graphic design industry, and 18+ years in the web design industry. We deliver competitive pricing and outstanding services in order to help your business grow and get the exposure it needs to be successful.

Our approach to print and web media is keeping it halal. Halal, Arabic for permissible, is applying Islamic principles according to the Quran (the Holy Book in Islam) and Sunnah (ways and teachings of Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him). We do not use images of created beings in our print media. With this in mind, Halal Print uses conceptual imagery and design work to enhance the visual aspect. We also do not cater to any industries that are involved in haraam, Arabic for impermissible, dealings and transactions that go against the Quran and Sunnah. Examples of these industries include riba-based (interest based) banking, and businesses that are involved in selling intoxicants such as alcohol and many other types of industries which are involved in haraam activity. For examples of our work, please see our Portfolio.

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